The challenges WeeHavyn presented us in our
gardening endeavors forced us to think "outside
the box".  To combat our lack of soil, abundance
of Black Walnut trees, and the multitude of stray
cats in the area, we've built these Garden

This gardening method saves us time, water, and
space.  It isn't subject to mole or gopher damage
and weeding has become a thing of the past.  
Plants are up off the ground which discourages
disease and pest as well as making harvesting
much easier.  The center tube holds composting
worms and adds fertility to the Garden Barrel
every time we water.  

While the Garden Barrel is fairly time consuming
to construct, it is not difficult and only has to be
done once to provide years of delightful
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Garden in a Barrel
Garden Barrel Construction:
Create Pockets
Build Worm Tube
Attach Worm Tube, Fill with Soil,
and PLANT!
Paint and Decorate
Attach Legs
Garden Barrel
Don't have time to
build one yourself?  
Get one from the
Garden Tower
Project here!!
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