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A Batch of Baby Bunnies

Last weekend I sold eight rabbits to a breeder in Illinois.  This was a great thing, not only because the cash helped buy the supplies for the pony and chicken feeders, but because I desperately needed the cage space.  I have three breeding bucks left, two Champagne d’Argents and one TAMUK.  Of my original does, I only kept Honey.  She’s been the most reliable breeder and takes great care of her babies.  I also kept one of her daughters, who I call Honey Pie.  Honey Pie was the largest of her litter and looks like she’s going to surpass her mother in size.  I also kept Sugar, my young TAMUK doe.  She was bred by my Champagne d’Argent buck, Marshmallow, to have her first litter this weekend.

Sugar did not disappoint.  I went out this morning to an expertly built nest, well filled with fur, and 7 tiny babies with their bellies full to bursting.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  Sometimes new mamas are not so great at raising their babies.  I distracted Sugar with some Fodder and checked each baby for any deformity or injuries.  Then I made a point of petting her, partly to see if she was going to be territorial.  She tolerated my caresses just as she always does and didn’t seem to worry a bit over my handling her offspring.

Sugar’s litter of seven is respectable for a first kindling and bigger by two than any litter I’ve gotten from my Champagne d’Argents, who generally give me four to five kits.  You see, these Champagnes have been bred for show and have lost some of their meat qualities.  I’ve chosen to add in the TAMUK lines to see if I can bring them back, but keep the lovely silver coloring.  These kits appear to have the Champagne coloring, at least they are black now with the little white spot on their forehead that is common to the breed.  I’m very excited to see how they grow and what will happen with the coloring in future crosses.

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