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A Lazy Day (for a Homesteader)


This morning brought the dim mystery of a pearl white fog.  Every leaf shone with moisture and water droplets turned the normally invisible spiderwebs into silken coverlets on the grass.  Today I simply feel lazy.

For most people, this is not a particularly earth-shattering revelation.  “Just be lazy then”, I am often told.  But for a homesteader, it’s not so easy.  There are chores that must be done.  Animals have to be fed, the Fodder needs to be attended to, water tubs filled, eggs gathered, goat milked, and sheds cleaned, regardless of how one feels.  I realize that this probably doesn’t sound like a lazy day at all.  For me, it’s the bare minimum.

There are always other projects that are in one stage of progression or other.  Right now we are working on setting up a rainwater cache system, building a rabbit shed and cages, finishing the upstairs, mulching the paddock with old carpet, and finishing the horse shed.  I’m sure there are others that don’t come to mind at this moment.  Each of these tasks must be done a little at a time until they are finished.

Finally there is the process of using the products of our homestead.  Produce must be harvested and preserved, milk strained and cooled, cheese made, and meals prepared and cleaned up after.  Some of these tasks can be put off, some must be done daily or weekly.

PVC Mini Milk Goat StandSo what does having a lazy day mean on the homestead?  It means doing the bare minimum and letting the other tasks sit for the time being.  Lazy days must generally be planned for, they don’t just happen.  For it is almost a guarantee that I will feel lazy just when the strawberries need picked, or I’ve filled the last jar with milk and must make cheese to empty them for tomorrows milk.  If I actually do plan for one and stick with it, something almost always comes up.  The chickens get out, a goat gets sick, the “best deal ever” on rabbits is found.  Fate does seem to conspire against laziness at Half-Pint Homestead.

I think I’ll go build some rabbit cages…..

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