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A Week on Foot – Day 2

Today I did something I’ve never done.  I mailed my utility bill – five days early so I know it’ll get there on time.  I’ve always just taken it in on the due date, but it’s probably four miles from the house.  Four miles is not an impossible walk, in fact, on a nice day it would be quite pleasant.  So I guess that planning thing is kicking in.  I was planning on walking to the grocery store for dish Rosey and Babysoap and a few other things rather than go run on the treadmill at the gym.  So I guess with all this walking, I can subtract my $33 gym membership too…. it just keeps piling up.

But the best laid plans….. Rosey was in labor when I went out to feed and I didn’t dare leave her.  She delivered a sweet little doeling at about 9 am.  I was quite sure she’d have at least two, but she didn’t.  I can’t say I’m sorry.  That just means there will be more milk for us and I get to keep ALL the babies.  I’d already decided I’d keep a doeling, if she had any, for a second milker.  The baby is strong and healthy and was up in New Goat Babyminutes looking for her breakfast, which she promptly found.  Even though Rosey had no issues, it did cross my mind as to what I would do if there were complications.  I’m a fairly good vet myself and if something I couldn’t handle did happen, there is a vet two blocks away.  I think they mostly do dogs and cats, but would probably work on a goat in an emergency.  But, Rosey took the whole thing like a pro.  Wonder how she’ll do on the milkstand in the morning.

All in all, today was just like any other day and I didn’t really miss my truck.

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