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A Winter Reprieve

I woke this morning to honey gold sunshine and cardinal song.  I pity those of you who are not blessed to have these lovely birds in your area.  The males are not only striking in their scarlet plumage, but melodies of such joy and beauty pour from their throats that my heart thrills to the sound.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.


We’ve had several weeks of cold, dreary weather and I reveled in this little taste of spring!  Even though I know it is far too early, I couldn’t resist a quick search through the buff colored grass for the little green noses of daffodils.  Spring fever took hold and I found myself looking hungrily through seed catalogs and marking where I want to dig post holes for the new raised bed.  This will be a year of many post holes as I’m planning on moving the Garden Barrels and putting them on permanent foundation posts with turntables to allow for even sun exposure.  I will have to redesign my drip system to allow for this, but I think it’s doable.


Tomorrow is supposed to return us to our usual cool, cloudy winter.  Yet, knowing that spring will soon be here, my blood is now singing just like that cardinal.  The trees will quicken and grass will green.  Crocus buds will push through the soil, frozen or not, with stalwart determination.

Life is indomitable.

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