Urban Homesteading and Self-Reliance

And the Ants Go Marching…

Ah yes, the sweet warmth of Spring!  Flowers bloom, berries ripen, and the world is delighted with herself.  How I look forward to the long, warm days during winter’s cold grey.  Somehow my visions never include my current unwelcome guests…. hundreds of tiny sugar ants.

They begin to appear singly, then in small groups.  Before I know it, my counter top has become a superhighway for six legged pedestrians, even after a thorough washing.  They seek out a crumb of bread, a drop of tea, or a sprinkling of sugar from my morning cinnamon toast.  Nothing is so small that it escapes their notice and there is not a cupboard so tight they can’t find a way in.

It’s (almost) funny how uneasy this makes me.  While logically I know that these little guests are a fact of nature and not a commentary on my housekeeping, I still blush a bit to reveal their presence.  Yet they are harmless and I am reluctant to spray poison (which is not) around the house in an attempt to get rid of them.  There are a few natural remedies, but I find they are temporary.  So I keep the dishes done, the counters wiped off, the food carefully covered, and spray lemon juice wherever they get too bad.

But I am NOT wishing for a return of winter’s cold……


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