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Baby Bunny Update

It’s been a week and a half since I had to stitch up our little bunny.  I was not very sure she would make it after such a serious injury.  After all, the cut was fully one quarter of her circumference if not more, the equivalent of about 12 inches on a human.  Not to mention she was definitely not in any kind of sterile environment.  I debated on keeping her inside, but felt that the stress of being away from her litter mates and in a strange place would be worse for her than the potential of infection.

It turns out, she is truly a fighter.  Her tiny body managed to ward off infection and she had enough will to compete for milk with three siblings.  Yet she is not unscathed from the incident.  Besides a scar she will bear for the rest of her life, she is very small.  In just 10 days, she went from being one of the larger kits in the litter to by far the tiniest.  She has barely grown at all, underscoring the normally rapid growth of rabbit kits when she is compared to her now much larger litter mates as you can see from the image

Were we a larger farm, or a commercial enterprise, it is unlikely I would have spent $20 on vet supplies and taken the time to doctor this kit.  Yes, she is alive.  However; she isn’t suitable for breeding (I’m not sure how the scar would fare during the stresses of pregnancy and nursing), and won’t make much meat.  It’s a sad, but true, fact of keeping livestock for profit. However; because we are so small, and our main income doesn’t come from rabbits, I can afford to be a little sentimental.

Although I might deny that if you ask me….

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