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Dinosaurs are NOT Extinct!

Well, maybe the title is a little dramatic.  Still….. the chicks that were sweet balls of yellow fluff only a few weeks ago now remind me of the voracious raptors on “Jurassic Park”.  They are right in the middle of their adolescent awkwardness.  They no longer have the charm of babies, nor yet do they have the beauty of adults.  They are stuck in the middle and the result is not terribly attractive.

It was SO much easier to let mamma hen do all the incubating, egg turning, and brooding.  I would never have imagined 13 of those 14 eggs would hatch and survive!  Sometimes we work so hard to do things OUR way, we forget how much easier it is to let Nature just take its course.  Since the chicks are old enough not to need brooding, but are still too small to be safe from cats (as one of our 13 found out a week ago….we now have 12), Mamma hen has been exiled out of the chick pen.  She stays around the pen during the day, but goes back to the chicken house at night.

Here’s a video of me feeding these chicks some fat, juicy worms.  They love them and they are so fast!!  The only way I can tell who actually got the worm is that one that is running in front with several of its brothers and sisters in hot pursuit.

There is no generosity in the chicken world….

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