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Doing the Best I Can….

I had a nasty surprise when I checked the new bunnies this morning.  One of Sour Patch’s babies had caught itself on a cage wire and there was a horrible gash on its belly.  My heart just dropped to see the red, open wound a full half inch wide.  There was no way it would heal without some help.

One of the main differences between keeping livestock and keeping pets is economics.  Taking a kit worth perhaps $25 to a vet and racking up a $100+ bill simply wouldn’t make sense.  Yet, I didn’t want to just destroy the kit since it seemed strong and it’s belly was very full.  So I decided to put in a few stitches and see if it would heal up.

I’ve stitched up animals before, but nothing near so small!  So I gathered together a couple of beading needles, some dental floss, tweezers, alcohol, antibiotic cream, saline solution, and a pair of cuticle scissors.  I also purchased some magnifying glasses as my eyes just aren’t what they used to be….

It was a nerve racking half hour and  I was sweating by the time it was over.  The kit objected to the irrigation process and squirmed while I removed any hair that had gotten in the wound.  It was difficult to try and hold the kit and stitch it at the same time.  I’m not sure I got the knots tight enough.  The end result isn’t pretty, but the wound is closed fairly well and the kit at least has a chance for recovery.  I dotted a bit of super glue on each stitch, smeared the ointment on it, and let it rest for a little while.  Then it went back in with the rest of its litter where it quickly crawled to the top of the pile and fell asleep.

I’m not sure the kit will make it.  It could die of shock or I might not be able to keep infection at bay.  I will check it several times a day and apply ointment.  However; I do know that I’ve done the best I can.

On the homestead, that is enough.

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