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Enough is Better than a Feast

IMG_20160903_090241486I love early mornings!  Reveling in the luxury of a warm shower, enjoying the peaceful quiet of the house, and savoring a cup of hot tea on the deck amid the deep purple throats of newly opened morning glories fill me with a warm sense of contentment.  My life feels balanced and I need nothing more.


It is interesting to me that this particular time of day is so appealing and I think I’ve finally discovered the reason.  All the electronic devices in the house are off.  The pressure to think something, buy something, or be something is absent.  I can just be me, a middle-aged woman who does her best and fails as often as she succeeds.


I am well aware that the warm shower I love in the morning is not a need, but a sweet indulgence.   A vast majority of the products out there are not things we need at all.  So why do we buy them?  Perhaps because the line between wants and needs has been so thoroughly blurred that we don’t even know the difference any more.  We are bombarded with images of who we should be, what we should have, how wonderful our life would be if only!


We no longer live in the present where contentment lies, but rather in some nebulous future where things will be “better”.  We have had the idea of ENOUGH forcefully ripped from our psyche as we are bludgeoned with the idea that we need, even deserve, MORE.  This boundless hunger spreads like a blight through our lives and damages our happiness, our relationships, and our planet.


If you have continued reading to this point hoping that I would have an easy cure for this disease, I apologize.  I am just as feverish with want as the next person.  I feel the aches of wishing for more in my bones as often as not.  Yet I do, at least, recognize it as a sickness.  I even have a good idea of what the cure is.  The only cure for want is a firm awareness of all the wonderful things I already have.  This cure is tedious, hard work, and will take a lifetime.

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