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Homesteading in the 21st Century

It’s hard to believe that it has been less than 100 years since the wave of stalwart settlers rushed over the wide-open spaces in the West. It has always been a basic need of humanity to discover new places and explore new ideas. The homesteaders of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s fulfilled this need by pitting themselves against a vast untamed wilderness. Many of them failed, giving up their lives in the attempt. Others rose to the challenge and paved the way for the rich life we have today.

It is now the 21st century, an amazing time to be alive. We live in an age of wealth, information, and instantaneous communication inconceivable to our forbearers. There are no longer vast expanses of untamed land for the taking, but the urge to push the boundaries of what we know has not subsided. How is that deep need to be satisfied?

Half-Pint Homestead is our attempt to do just that. We are examining our way of life with unbiased eyes. We do our best not to romanticize the past or malign the benefits of the present. The “Good Old Days” weren’t always that good. We are pushing our own limits and building a lifestyle that is healthy for our community, our planet, and ourselves. The best way to do this is not by taming the last few wild places left, but by making what is already tamed serve our needs better using all the knowledge from both past and present. We do not look back, but forward into a bright, healthy future.

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