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Hush’s Healing – Week 3

The grey days of February are slipping away.  Each day the sun comes up a minute earlier and goes down a minute later.  It is about this time of year that I start to notice the lengthening days.  I find myself much more energetic with the increasing amount of light and I begin to eagerly look forward to all the new projects (only half of which I will get to) I would like to accomplish in the coming year.

One of my greatest spring concerns has been getting Hush healed up before she kids the first week of April.  The end of a pregnancy and the first few weeks of freshening put a large strain on even a healthy udder.  The severe frostbite damage could cause all kinds of problems.  In fact, the best case scenario is that she will not produce any milk on that side.  Worst case is that milk will constantly flow from the damaged tissue with nothing to keep in inside.  If this happens, it will be very difficult to dry that side off and infection is a real possibility.

I am not without hope, however.  In just the three weeks since the severity of the damage became apparent, Hush has healed rapidly.  The hardness of the tissue at the margins of the wounds speaks well for adequate scarring to keep milk from actively flowing from the opening.

Week 1 of healing
Week 2 of healing
Week 3 of healing
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All in all, I’m very pleased.



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