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Hush’s Healing Week Two

It’s been a week since I discovered how severe the damage to Hush’s udder is.  I’ve doctored it each day, carefully looking for any signs of infection.  It appears to be healing well.  The edges are pulling together and the wound, while still terrible to look at is clean and healing.

Frostbite is a serious and frustrating injury.  It often takes months to determine the full extent of the damage.  I believe that when all is said and done, she is going to lose the entire teat.  This is actually for the best and if much is left, I will probably have it amputated to prevent issues later on.

Week One
Week Two

Both Hush and her daughter Mocha are due to kid on April 8th.  Their bellies are quickly growing round and pendulous.  I am concerned about the effects kidding will have on Hush’s injury.  I’ve already decided to bottle feed her kids so there won’t be any risk of further injury from nursing kids.  I’m really hoping that the damage is severe enough that the frostbitten sad won’t produce.

Never thought I would wish that……

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