Fodder Kit Building Supplies


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All the harder to find parts to build your own Fodder system.

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6 Tray Spacer Saver Supply Pipe, 6 Tray Expandable Supply Pipe, 12 Tray Supply Pipe, 18 Tray Supply Pipe, Micro Supply Pipe, Mini Supply Pipe, Mini Pump, Micro Pump, 6 Tray Pump, 12 Tray Pump, 18 Tray Pump, 6 Super Duty Tray Bundle, 12 Super Duty Tray Bundle, 18 Super Duty Tray Bundle, Fodder Kit Timer, 6 Tray Space Saver 4 way Joints, 12 Tray 4 way Joints, 18 Tray 4 way Joints, 6 tray Expandable 4 way Joints, Micro 4 way Joints, Mini 4 way Joints


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