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After growing and feeding Fodder for 4 years now, we’ve redesigned our systems to be easier to use than ever!  The FODDER4 systems help combat mold issues by pre-sprouting for 2 of the six day cycle in covered containers.  The small tank is super easy to empty and refill, unlike our larger systems, and by hanging them on the wall, they take up less space than ever!

All our Complete Fodder Kits provide you with lush, green, and highly nutritious Fodder mat(s) every day.  The automatic watering system complete with timer allows you to adjust the watering schedule to what best suits your grain type and climate.  We offer 4 sizes of FODDER4 kits ranging from the tiny tabletop Micro that feeds up to 5 hens or 4 rabbits to the big 8 tray that feeds up to 80 hens or  60 rabbits.  The 15 pound FODDER4 kit is easily expandable.  The Micro FODDER4 kit comes with a month’s supply of our special seed blend.

The Fodder kit takes about 30 minutes to assemble.

The FODDER4 Kit comes complete with:

Ready to Assemble PVC stand
Fully Assembled water supply pipe
Aquaponics rated Submersible Pump
24 hour Mechanical Timer
Plastic sump/storage container
Super Duty trays
Complete Assembly Instruction


All you need to do is add seed and start growing Fodder!

Find out MORE about Fodder HERE

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 12 x 12 in
Kit Size

15 pound FODDER4 Kit, 30 pound FODDER4, Micro FODDER4 Kit


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