Potatoes without the Digging!

I have enjoyed my Garden Barrels so much I started looking for other ways to grow plants vertically without so much preparation. The Half-Pint Homestead GunniGarden is light and easy to assemble. Great for those who love to grow potatoes, but don’t have good soil or like the mess of digging.  Fill the bag with only eight inches or so of soil and plant your potato sets, covering them with another six inches of soil.  Then, as the  potato plant begins to push through, continue to add soil or straw until it is filled to the top.  Just dump the bag when it’s time to harvest.  No cut potatoes!  Get up to 40 pounds per bag.

The GunniGarden is also ideal for large spreading plants such as squash and watermelons.  Vines flow gracefully over the sides and, with pruning, fruit stays off the ground.  Or you can fill them and put slits in the sides to plant smaller plants.

The burlap bag can be composted and a replacement installed on the frame for the next growing season.

Our GunniGarden Kits come with frame, bag, and instructions as well as growing tips.
Our downloadable GunniGarden Plans show you how to build a GunniGarden step-by-step.
You can also order ready-to-install bags.

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