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Simply Waiting

A cool breeze woke me this morning, heavy laden with the scents of spring – damp earth and stirring life.  The sun filtered through the newborn leaves and birds  sang love-songs from swaying branches.  It is supposed to rain this afternoon, but it doesn’t appear that way now and chore time was pleasant on this beautiful day.

Mother Nature is an implacable teacher of patience.  While I can’t say this is my most developed virtue, painful failures have taught me that some things just can’t be hurried at all.  Plants set out too soon either freeze or take five times more work to keep alive.  Animals grow at their own pace, and little ones are born when they are ready and not a moment before.

One of our Champagne d’Argent does came to us already bred.  Unfortunately there is some question as to exactly which day she was bred.  It could have been three weeks ago, or four.  This means we have to wait and watch very carefully.  I opened her nest box yesterday and she gleefully made a nice nest from the soft hay, but she has not pulled any of her hair out to line in, which leads me to believe we have at least a few days to go.

All we can do is wait…..


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