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That Darn Shadow

Friday was rather rushed for me, so I missed the fact that it was Groundhog Day.  Of course it was brilliantly sunny and the little devil saw his shadow and promptly went downstairs for another six weeks’ winter nap.  Six more weeks seems an eternity to one with a raging case of Spring Fever!  It isn’t fatal, but definitely a draw on my not endless supply of patience.

This morning Winter seemed quite determined to affirm his intent to stick around.  We woke to a sparkling layer of snow blanketing everything and temperatures in the single digits.  Since I cannot change the weather, I suppose I must be philosophical about it.

As much as I long for Spring, I am not really ready for it.  Winter is a time for indoor projects and we had plenty planned this year.   The couch is but half-finished, there are beds to build, and a closet to construct.  Warm sunny weather will pull us from those important jobs to the outdoor tasks that always seem much more fun, even when they require hard physical labor.  I would rather dig post holes amid soft spring breezes, bird calls, and the sweet smell of awaking life than paint walls any day. My Spring plan for this year is but half finished and my spring greens have not yet even sprouted, although they are snugly nestled their planter.

Six more weeks of winter means draining hoses, bringing in water bottles, hen-house lights, and tank heaters.  Yet, when I think of it, I need this time for rest, reflection, and planning.  I have been known to jump into projects without much thought and then spending a deal of time and often money to fix the haphazard results.  Winter is my defense against this dangerous tendency as I can do nothing but plan.

Besides, this means I can put off Spring cleaning…..

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