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The Quickening

After a very cold January, February has been a welcome relief.  While spring certainly isn’t here yet, and there will still be frosty mornings, today a soft rain gently nudges plants into slow wakefulness. I love seeing the fresh green shoots of crocus and narcissus yawn and stretch in the bright morning sun, each day coming up a little further, the shy green leaves gently making way for the tousled heads of brightly colored blooms.

I’ve planted new bulbs every year since I came to WeeHavyn and the display gets better and better.  I love spring bulbs.  The flowers show up just when I need them most, sometimes even blooming bravely though the snow.  Those brave little blooms give me hope just when it seems that spring will never come.

Why does it always seem that the very last part of anything is the hardest?  My endurance always seems to be hardest tested when I can see the end of a project, but just can’t quite seem to get there.  The temptation to quit is so great.  I’m not sure whether it’s fear of failure or fear of success, and there have been times when I gave up and then regretted it.  Still, with each new attempt, I am learning to soothe my inner child as she throws a raging tantrum when she discovers life isn’t exactly what she thought it would be.

Growing up is a lot of hard work!

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