Urban Homesteading and Self-Reliance

The Year’s Footprints

038-2The kaleidoscope of scattered leaves upon the ground signal the closing of another year.  Amid all the variety of the seasons, Autumn is easily my favorite.  Trees blaze in a farewell of magnificent glory, crops hang ripe and heavy in the garden, and the cool, fragrant air is bracing after the sultry heat of the summer.  I feel light and energized.  I can’t help but wonder if Mother Nature does this to inspire all her children to get ready for winter.

While I know many people take stock and make new resolutions at New Year’s, somehow I see the footprints the year has left with much more clarity during the bright days of October than the gloomy days of January.

As I sit this morning and take stock, there are so many projects not yet done.  This is the inexorable truth of any homestead.  If I am not careful, what we have not done overshadows all we have accomplished and robs me of the joy of a job well done.  Yes, there are many projects still to come, and many of them will lead to yet other tasks, but the footprints of this year’s labors manifest themselves in every corner of Half-Pint Homestead.  We have taken not only steps, but great strides, in making our home more self-sufficient.  There have been changes in livestock, enclosures rebuilt, and items added.  In the next few days, I will show you what we have done in more detail.  For now, here is a list of the impressions this year has made:

New “chicken condo”

New goats

New shed for the horse

Wood stove in WeeHavyn

Tank for rainwater storage

Kiwi Vines

Mulberry Fedge

Milking area

Hay Storage



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