Philosophy, Urban Homesteading and Self-Reliance

We Cannot Go Back…

pioneersWhile it might be tempting to think fondly of “the good old days” when pioneer homesteaders bravely set out to tame the wild lands of the West.  Yet this was a harsh, brutal life, where many died and more failed.  Everything that was to be done was accomplished by human or animal power.  Today we think nothing of driving 10 miles, a work of mere minutes.  Such a journey was at best a very long day and more likely two long days pulling a loaded wagon there and back.  We have become so accustomed to our Fossil Fuel driven slaves, that we have no concept of life without them.  I believe this time is ending, but that does not mean we have to go back.  While we have definitely misused and become highly dependent on this power, not everything that has come for it should be discarded.  It is up to us to sort the wheat from the chaff and keep what is good and useful, not just for the privileged few, but for all of us.  Half-Pint Homestead is an attempt to weave both worlds into a happy, healthy whole.

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